Blackshawk's IMG Widget

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(pssst – I'm working on 3.0 now……. 9/19)

This is the widget I created for InsideMacGames back in February. Originally Tuncer and I were working on an updated model of this one, but I've never found time to complete the project. I'm of the opinion that it was good enough for all general purposes but apparently it didn't live up to Tuncer's standards of interface.

I could point out several things I don't like about the widget, but they're minor little quirks, not grievous Microsoft-like sins that render it unusable.

IMG Blackshawk's Widget 2.0 (I suppose I can't officially label this the IMG widget)
- Gets the news off of IMG every day (it will check it every fifteen minutes for any additional articles).
- Article resizing; you can view every article in full or just set it to show the headlines.
- Resizable interface; this might be a little tricky at first (one of the quirks I'm unhappy about) but once you get the hang of it it shouldn't be too tough.

Notes – This is basically a spot for me to brag. I developed most of the widget with a beta of Dashcode on Tiger – an unbelievably buggy program that I spent much of my time warring against, which is one of the reasons why I am so reluctant to fully complete this project. Most of the actual coding was done by hand though – who wouldn't enjoy creating an obtuse blend of HTML, CSS, and Javascript?

Tuncer and I developed two different versions of the widget (seperately, without knowledge of the other's project) and then when we posted about it in the forums we decided to compare designs. Tuncer's definitely had the interfacial edge over mine, but mine possessed a high level of functionality that he couldn't achieve (*cough* code). I decided to just bolt his interface on top of mine but my resizing functionality broke his interface hopelessly, forcing us to look at an alternate means of design.

The download is as close as I could come to Tuncer's "dream interface" with a glossy sheen at the top. It works very well with the resizing, which seemed to be the most adamant feature request on the forums.

Coding the resizing was NOT easy, by the way. Apparently Apple considers resizable widgets taboo and hasn't implemented a quick little "resize" feature like Xcode has. (Don't expect this feature in the final of Dashcode either – like I said: taboo).

One of these days I'll do IMG Widget 3.0 with all the glossy goodness that Tuncer dreamed of. Don't hold your breath though.

- Blackshawk

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